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Kiss and Ride

How to use Kiss and Ride

  • Register for Kiss and Ride via the registration form and lodge at the office.
  • You will receive a Kiss and Ride pack  -  including 2 laminated signs with the family name and elastic bands to secure the name to your sun visor in your car. The completed pack will be given to your eldest child's teacher when ready.
  • Attach Family name to passenger side visor with elastic bands provided and turn visor down when in the Kiss and Ride line.
  • When your turn comes, your family name will be communicated to the school gate and your children will be brought to the front of the queue.
  • The first two cars in the queue ONLY will be loaded by a Parent helper and Teacher. These two cars (once loaded) will move off together.
  • The next two cars will move into the first two positions and be loaded accordingly.
  • NOTE: If your child/ren are not at the gate when you arrive at the front of the queue, and do not arrive within 2 minutes, you will be asked to move on, do a lap and re-join the queue. This is to aid the fluidity of the Kiss and Ride facility provided by the school.
  • Once your car is loaded please wait for the car IN FRONT OR BEHIND you to pull out, so you pull out together so to alleviate cars moving into front spaces with back ends poking out into the street and blocking off other through traffic.


Go with the FLOW!

  • Do not queue jump.
  • Do not park over driveways.
  • Children and bags will be loaded into the back seat only. Do not put school bags into the boot.
  • Do not get out of the car.
  • Children MUST be able to secure their own seatbelt as legally teachers and volunteers are not allowed to do so. This means if your child is unable to secure their own seatbelt then you are unable  to  use the facility until they can do so.
  • Maintain full respect of the teachers and the volunteers who are assisting with the process.
  • If you are asked to do a loop because your child/ren is/are not ready, then please do so without fuss.
  • Do not do u-turns in John Miller Street as this create traffic clogs, use the appropriate loop (see map attached).


For the Kiss and Ride to be effective all the rules need to be observed.

On the New Horizons side of the road please remember to move to the eastern end to drop your child off and not stop at the crossing end. Stopping near the pedestrian crossing causes a hold up with vehicles trying to move along Twin Road or use the ‘Kiss and Ride’.

Remember the safety of our student is paramount. 


Kiss and Ride information, registration and recommended loop.