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Kindergarten program

Parents wishing to enrol their child in Kindergarten, please open the flyer below for information regarding activities your child can participate in, at our school, prior to them starting:

What is the role of the kindergarten teacher?

The teacher’s role is to:

  • ensure that the first year of school is a positive experience for children
  • create a positive learning experience
  • nurture individual children’s development
  • identify the stage of development of each child in the following areas:
    physical - emotional - social - intellectual - language
  • identify the particular factors, which will affect the growth and development of the individual child.
  • set realistic long and short term teaching/learning objectives based on information gathered about individual children.
  • create links between individual children’s previous experiences and the learning program.
  • plan and implement a teaching program which will develop each child’s knowledge, skills and attitudes in all areas of his/her development and which can be seen as part of an on-going process, building on previous experiences and preparing the child for future learning.
  • inform parents/carers about the learning process and about their children’s progress at school.
  • involve parents/carers in the learning process.

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